About us

SHA International BVBA was established at 2007 by Mr Johan Boons and the big support from several Asian Paper Mills. Currently it is located at 3 countries, Belgium, France and the Netherlands, which are ready to serve all vicinity customer in fastest way. Sha International BVBA holds an ISO 9001 certificate  and Group FSC certificate for the international trading of paper and cardboard.


  •   Asia countries: Indonesia/ Thailand/China/Vietnam/India etc.
  •   Europa:Belgium/France/Netherlands/Germany/Norway/Sweden/Uk

With such background, and philosophical we believe that the orientation to superb quality is the key for customer to gain efficiency and profit, we focused on the niche with customer from the same believe. 

When customers challenge themselves with productivity questions, like,  How to choose a best quality of paper? How to know that the supplier is really trustable? How important is after sales service to my company? Etc. 

Sha International is there to answer all those questions.

Logistic Cooperation

  • With local trucker
  • With shipping line
  • With Euro-Asia train
  • With inspection company

What can we offer

For customer who needs reliable supplier and strong long-time support, we provide highest quality of paper with premium price, which in the long run it appears at the lowest cost.

For customer who needs regularly materials, we serve all the required materials, and keep the cost low. We can offer a long-time supply contract

For customer who prefer pricing on index contract. We are ready to serve, although actually this is the most expensive way.